“And the things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”

                                                                       -2 Timothy 2:2

Passage to Read:  John 21:15-17   &  1 Peter 5:1-10

Theme:  The Heart of a Servant Leader

It seems that a lot of the lessons in life that Peter learned, he learned the hard way.  It was comfortable for him to take the lead in difficult situations.  His effusive personality, limitless energy, and “can do” attitude made him a natural.  If he wasn’t pursued for leadership, he would be quick to volunteer.  People must have really liked Peter.

Having the skills to lead is both a strength and a liability.  God has uniquely equipped (gifted) some to lead.  They’re naturals, much like Peter, and that’s their strength.  But the liability associated with any gift is to be found in the false security that little else is needed to maneuver and manipulate through the obstacles standing in the way of elusive success.

So. . . we need to learn.  And learning often is characterized by failure and disappointment.  Such was the case with Peter, who at the pinnacle of opportunity was ready to relinquish what God had so abundantly prepared him for, to return to fishing (John 21:3).  His flurries of good intention so often met with disappointing results, and his denial of the very one he had been called to serve, had led him to despair.  And it was then that Jesus said, “He’s ready!”

It’s as if we are viewing the unfolding drama of Peter’s transformation as we read through the gospels and track the important role he played in establishing the church.  The rugged, impulsive, effusive fisherman is bold in taking the gospel to the Gentiles, and gentle in affirming elders to lead with their heart in ministering to the body of Christ.

Question:  What are my strengths?  And what has God allowed to occur in my life to create within me a spirit of total dependence on Him?

Reflection: Take some time to write out your thoughts as you reflect on this passage.