Weekly Wrap Up

Middle School and High School:
Exodus 25-40


1)  Have you ever felt like the presence of God was far off? What caused you to feel that way? What do you know to be true, even when you do not feel it?

2)  How does knowing you are now the tabernacle of God change the way you live your life? Does it make a difference?

3)  Are there places in your life that you feel are untouchable by God’s presence? Spend time asking God to show you His glory in those places.


1)  How does knowing that God longs to dwell with His people confirm or challenge your understanding of God?

2)  What did the tabernacle’s design teach you about who God is, or who Christ is?

3)  Ask your student if they have ever felt like God’s presence is far from them. Then, share about a time when you felt that way, and tell them how God met you there.