Parent Follow Up Questions for Family Discussion

Our Passage:
Colossians 1.15-29

Main idea:

Jesus, as God in human form, is ruling over everything; not one part of His creation is outside His control. Through His death on the cross, we have been brought back to Him so that we could live in union with Him for all eternity.


1) Do you ever still feel like you are separated or distant from God? Is there a past sin that makes you feel like you could never reach true peace with God? How might seeing Jesus as the great reconciler assure you of your true standing before God?

2) Think about the original question of your closest human relationship and what makes that relationship special. How might God be calling you into a deeper relationship with Him? What are some things you can do to live into the reality of your oneness with Jesus?

3) After Paul reminds the Colossians that Jesus’ work on the cross has now made them “holy and blameless” before God, He encourages them to remain “stable and steadfast, not shifting from the hope of the gospel” (v. 23). What are ways you might be “shifting” in your faith right now? Are there things in your life that you feel pull you away from the truth of Jesus? Take time to write about those things and ask Jesus to remind you of His truth. Ask that He would use your union with Him to keep you stable and steadfast.


1) Where are areas of your life that feel out of control right now? Are there “rulers or authorities” that seem to be out of Jesus’ reach? What have we just learned about Jesus’ authority over those areas?

2) Have you ever had a fight with a best friend? Did you make up? If so, how? What does this passage tell us about what Jesus has done to “make up” with us?

3) Think about the original question of your closest human relationship and what makes that special. How might you incorporate some of those things in your relationship with Jesus?